Instant Green specialises in top quality turf for commercial, public and residential projects. We also work with a number of councils on large-scale public projects that require specialist knowledge and expertise. We offer a same-day service and excellent after-service products plus we are Hydroseeding and Instant lawn experts.

Even before you start the job, we can do a site visit to make sure you choose the correct turf for your specific environment and needs.

Right turf, right application! We believe this to be very critical to your long term investment.

With our instant turf, the lawn we provide is already 12+ months old meaning it’s strong, mature and ready to roll. With our instant turf you can buy yourself time, eliminate weed problems, and, over the life of the lawn, it’s more cost effective. A total turf solution in one day – today!



We can contract-grow your lawn specifically for your needs, and we can ensure the variety used matches your requirements (drought-resistant for example). Weather permitting, we can offer a same day service for Hawke’s Bay, and overnight service for outer districts. Call us before 10am and we will endeavour to dispatch your turf the same day. Out of Hawke’s Bay, contact us for a list of preferred contractors in your area.

Share your turf issues with us, we’ll find the right solution for you.

We specialise in Hydroseeding, Instant lawn, Instant turf, Screened topsoil, Lawn topsoil, Topsoil and parks, public landscaping and residential road reconstruction.

We are experienced at working alongside council project managers, contractors and civil engineers, to ensure turf is laid on time and in a way that guarantees success. We have extensive experience working with property developers and landscape architects to add ‘Instant Green’ turf, and palms to new developments, hotel sites and golf courses.

  • Hydroseeding
  • Instant lawn
  • Instant turf
  • Screened topsoil
  • Lawn topsoil
  • Topsoil
  • Council Projects
“Instant Green is a supplier of ours for ready lawn amongst other things and we can’t recommend them enough. Great product and service, always willing to go the extra mile ensuring our clients get their lawn done on time.”
Taryn Cambie
We deal with instant green on a regular basis and they provide good service and are a pleasure to deal with and would recommend them to others.
Ablaze NZ Limited
In August this year, we re-turfed two of our high profile Central Business District lawns at Midland Park, and Te Aro Park, with Terra Nova Tall Fescue Turf. Leighton from Instant Green assured me this product was hard wearing, had good shade, and drought tolerances and would remain green all year round. These being the desired attributes we were looking for – for our inner city lawns heading into Rugby World Cup 2011. To date, the turf has lived up to all expectations, and should this continue to be the case, we will be re-turfing more of our inner city lawns with this product.
Wellington City Council
Leighton in Napier, NZ on Houzz