C4d & octane (let’s show the┬ávray guys it can be done)




Project Description

3-D rendering / modelling using C4D & OctaneRender 3

Have an existing 3-D model (set up Arnold) and I require a arch visualization and 3D generalist to to make some small modifications and render out eight scenes each scene has discreet objects which are required to be rendered separately with a transparent shadow attached (please see attached documents) You need to be able to be adaptable and flexible helpful positive and efficient.

You need to have a reasonable internet connection so we can do high numbers of renders in rapid succession. project is 7 days, you need to be prepared to work extra and be paid extra if required. Sometimes after hours work is required and weekend work maybe needed depending on progress. if you read this please ask some relevant questions, I wont award the project to a bot, or copy paste proposal.
3-D rendering outline

Assets required for changeable furniture

1. 2 different couch variations

2. 2 different rangehood variations

3. 2 different letter boxes

4. 2 different fence styles

layerd objects

1. Walls / interior and exterior

2. Ceilings

3. Floor

4. Curtains

5. Doors

6. Exterior roof

7. Exterior fence

8. Letter box

Optional items per room

Bedside furniture, dressing tables
Technical requirements for transparent layers

The objects listed above will be provided as discrete transparent PNG files with the transparent shadows attached.

You will be required to demonstrate your capability to provide discrete objects with transparent shadows attached as part of the interview process

Here is the existing model



Below is the floor texture





B0000 B0001 B0002 B0003 B0004 B0005 B0006